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Reports of World TB Day 2017

  1. PDF Icon    Dhakotha Jubak Sangh World TB Day
  2. PDF Icon    Malankara Social Service Society World TB Day
  3. PDF Icon    Operation Asha World TB Day

Partnership Award for TB Champion

  1. PDF Icon    Citation Dr. Nalini Krishnan
  2. PDF Icon    Citation - P.D Hinduja Hospital and Research Centre
  3. PDF Icon    Report on TB Champion Award 2013
  4. PDF Icon    Press Release TB Champion awards- PTCCI
  5. PDF Icon    Call for application Organization award
  6. PDF Icon    Call for application/nomination Individual award
  7. Word Icon    Award for TB Champion (Ind - application form)
  8. Word Icon    Award for TB Champion (Ind - nomination form)
  9. Word Icon    Award for TB Champion (Org - application form)
  10. PDF Icon    Partnership Award for TB Champion Individual & Organization
  11. PDF Icon    Notes of Selection Committee Meeting

Other Events Report

  1. PDF Icon    Report of the Advocacy meeting- 2nd April 2012
  2. PDF Icon    Visit of the Stop TB Afghanistan Partnership to the PTCCI

Eli Lilly Project

  1. PDF Icon    Proposal Eli Lilly

Intervention 1

  1. PDF Icon    MDR-TB Course Report

Intervention 3

  • PDF Icon    Report of the Pre Pilot workshop
  • PDF Icon    Report of M & E visit VHAP
  • PDF Icon    Report of M & E visit SIR
  • PDF Icon    Report of M & E visit VS-TN
    1. InterAide
    2. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH June 11
    3. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH July 11
    4. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Aug 11
    5. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Sept 11
    6. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Oct 11
    7. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Nov 11
    8. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Dec 11
    9. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Jan 12
    10. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH Feb 12
    11. PDF Icon    Inter Aide MH March 12
    12. PDF Icon    Situational Analysis Tribal MH-Nandurbar Inter Aide
    13. PDF Icon    Visit report Nandurbar June 11
    14. PDF Icon    Visit report Nandurbar Sept 11
    1. PDF Icon    SIR June 2011
    2. PDF Icon    SIR July 2011
    3. PDF Icon    SIR August 2011
    4. PDF Icon    SIR September 2011
    5. PDF Icon    SIR October 2011
    6. PDF Icon    SIR November 2011
    7. PDF Icon    SIR December 2011
    8. PDF Icon    SIR January 2012
    9. PDF Icon    SIR February 2012
    10. PDF Icon    SIR March2012
    11. PDF Icon    SIR April 2012
    12. PDF Icon    Situational_analysis_Non_tribal_districts 5-5-2011
      Vasandham Society
    1. PDF Icon    VS report till November 2011
    2. PDF Icon    Eli Lilly pre plan meeting
    3. PDF Icon    Situational_Analysis-_Tribal
    1. PDF Icon    VHAP June 2011
    2. PDF Icon    VHAP August 2011
    3. PDF Icon    VHAP September 2011
    4. PDF Icon    VHAP October 2011
    5. PDF Icon    Project Proposal and Situational Analysis VHAP
    6. PDF Icon    Report on Sensitization workshop for RNTCP staff at Kapurthala, Punjab on 15th July 2011

    Intervention 4

  • PDF Icon    Report of M & E visit IMCFJ
    1. IMCFJ
    2. PDF Icon    Report of civil society partners training at Bhopal
    3. PDF Icon    Report of Civil Society Partner's Training at Ramgarh , Nainintal
    1. PDF Icon    Report of the Post pilot meeting
    2. PDF Icon    1.Secretariat
    3. PDF Icon    2.SIR
    4. PDF Icon    3.Vasandham Society
    5. PDF Icon    4.VS data
    6. PDF Icon    5.VHAP
    7. PDF Icon    6.VHAP
    8. PDF Icon    7.Inter Aide Eli Lilly Intervention 3
    9. PDF Icon    8.Post pilot workshop Int 4
    10. PDF Icon    9.REACH Eli Lilly Intervention 4
    11. PDF Icon    Agenda Post pilot meeting_ EL3 & 4
    1. PDF Icon    Engaging the Media in TB Control Puri- A Summary Report (Puri Workshop)
    2. PDF Icon    Engaging the media in TB Control Chennai- a summary report

    Reports of World TB Day 2010

    1. PDF Icon    CHAI World TB Day
    2. PDF Icon    KHPT World TB Day
    3. PDF Icon    MAMTA World TB Day
    4. PDF Icon    NWTWS World TB day event
    5. PDF Icon    REACH World TB day


    1. PDF Icon    Report -State level Network on 27.8.11