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About the Governing Board

The Governing Body of the Members of the Society shall govern the affairs of the Society.

  1. Without prejudice to its general powers conferred by the Act and these Rules, the Governing Body shall abide by the policy related or special directives of the Government of India through relevant Ministries, Departments, Instrumentalities, etc., issued from time to time, on any matter essential to achieving the objects of Partnership for TB Care and Control in India.
  2. The general supervision, management and control of the Society shall be vested in the Governing Body. The composition of the Governing Body shall be as mentioned at para 3 herein.
  3. The Governing Body shall have at least 11 members and maximum not more than 50 members. The Governing Body shall be elected by its members for a period of two years by ballot or through raising hands.
  4. Minimum fifteen (15) days notice or any such period as decided by the Governing Body shall be required for calling the Governing Body meeting, enclosing the agenda and specifying date, time and place of the meeting.
  5. The persons elected as the Governing Body Members shall not be entitled to any remuneration except reimbursement of out of pocket expenses
  6. The Governing Body shall have all the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Society and may do all such acts and things as essential for achieving the charter, aims and objectives of the Society.
  7. Governing Body Member shall endeavor to rotate the members from various sectors in such a manner so that maximum number of members are getting opportunity for getting elected.
  8. A Governing Body meeting shall be held at least once in a year.
  9. An urgent Governing Body meeting may be called at 15 (fifteen) days notice but the quorum for the urgent Governing Body meeting shall be 2/3rd of the total strength of the Governing Body present in person including the Nominated Member/Standing Invitee(s).
  10. The Chairman of the Society would also be the Chairman of the Governing Body.

    Board Members

    1. Dr. S.N. Misra (Chairman)
    2. Mr.P.T.Mohandoss-Deputy Director, David & Lois Rees Hospital (Secretary)
    3. Dr. Abhijeet Sangma- Strategic Advisor, CMAI (Treasurer)
    4. Mr. Shibu Vijayan- Project Director, PATH (Member)
    5. Ms. T. Mercy Annapoorni- Rainbow TB Forum (Member)
    6. Dr. Vijay Edward (Member)
    7. Sh. Alekh Chandra Rautray- Director, ARASMIN (Member)
    8. Dr. S K Srivastava- Director, SIR (Member)
    9. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jhariya- Director, HPORC JBP (Member)
    10. Ms. Manisha Gupta (Member)

    Standing Invitees

    1. Deputy Director General (TB), Central TB Division, Government of India
    2. Representative from the World Health Organization
    3. The Director, Union South-East Asia