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Thanks for initiating this process..
Today, at the policy level things are changing for good but if we see at the district/implementation level the story is opposite.. While at one hand we are making all efforts to empower them on the other hand there is wide spread discrimination. I have come across that health facilities/centres focuses mostly on giving medicines only and the humane,rights/dignity/respect/confidentiality/ counselling part is missing because many are not trained too. I have come across a medical doctors speaking in disgust when he encountered a patients from Mushar community (rat eating community in bihar). Other instances we see evryday includes - doctors not treating patients with respect and dignity either because of their marginalized status/red tapism/blaming them for TB/labeling, negligence and delay in diagnosis & referral and patient dying in the process/firing them from job due to TB… etc.. etc.
What we can do is to advocate for implementation of patient's charter among other things as many govt. functionaries/health workers are not even aware of it..
Thanks !!

In solidarity

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