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Secretariat10/5/2009Second discussion on Roadmap
Celina11/30/2009Re:Second discussion on Roadmap

There is a need to Strengthen linkages between TB and HIV programs where all TB patients are referred for ICTC and all HIV positive for TB testing and a follow up mechanism. People living with HIV should be screened for TB and get access to prophylaxis and treatment required. TB deaths among people living with HIV can be prevented by combining these two services with HIV TB Collaborative programs thereby having diagnostics and treatment of HIV and TB under one roof- a one stop shop for treatment services. Dignity to patients is missing in most DOTS Centres. Why exclude to treat MDR/XDR TB EXtra-pulmonary cases? There is an urgent need to advocate and lobby for access to less toxic MDR/XDR TB treatment for all and a need for meaningful involvement and empowerment of people with HIV and TB.
Can Partnership do anything to help?
Will Dr. Chauhan listen?…