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Niraj Sinha3/16/2012TB-Show (Lala, Lali & Jocker) in Samastipur, of Bi

Samastipur is one of the districts covered in Bihar under the project Axshya initiated by MAMTA (SR). The district has a special significance as regard with the enthusiasm of administration in celebrating the Samastipur Establishment Day which falls on 14th & 15th November 2011 each year. This year the DTO moved by our efforts and insisted making the occasion special by getting involved in it with project related activities.
The project district team with support from the DTO has been planning many activities during the project year including celebration of days such as the World TB day, World AIDS day, International Women’s day celebration and the like. Similarly on insistence of DTO the team planned special set of activities on district establishment day.
With due approval sought from the PM the MAMTA Bihar Team proceeded to organise Mid-Media event as part of the celebration which also enjoyed the full cooperation from the DTO as well as the DM of the district. In fact the MD was quite supportive and gave his full support for the cause of the impact the event is likely to have on the visiting masses especially in creating the TB awareness.
The establishment proved to be significant as it was inaugurated by Minister of Bihar the Government Mr. Bijendra Kumar. District Magistrate (DM) of Samastipur Mr. Kundan Kumar showed keen interest in the event and visited all stalls including those established by Government as well as Non-Government partners who has been working in the different social sectors in Samastipur district. DM also inaugurated the individual stall. The main focus of the Mid-Media event was organizing Road Show with the help of Lala, Lalli and Jocker as cast of the event. Another feature of the event was to organise the TB Show game on computer which was based devised by TBC India. This provided the interactive communication to the visitors to the stall who got to know closely about the tuberculosis.
It is significant here to mention that the show on the trio - Lala, Lalli and Jocker was proved to be a crowd puller with its unique features, gestures and clothing. The trio often stared at people, greeted them with TB-related messages, distributed info materials, and also talked to them. This turned out to be an innovative platform where many more people tried to have an interaction with the trio and got to know about the TB and Axshya program.
In fact our casting group were properly trained for one whole day and prepared for taking over the role of Lala, Lalli and Jocker and each of their tasks was clearly explained to them so that the message delivery to the people goes undeterred. The whole exercise was meant to create proper awareness about tuberculosis among the people visiting the occasion.
As regard with the computer game a ‘10- question entry to the game’ was designed by the MAMTA team. Actually the condition to play the game was that the person desiring to play TB game in the computer was required first to answer the 10 questions. Only those responding correctly and scoring 100% against the screening test were given access to the TB game.
A total of 626 numbers of people participated and attempted to reply the questions but only 34 of them successfully answered 100% correct answer. Those who passed the screening test were further given access to participate in the computer based TB game.
This game was designed to grab the attention of the player so that the message delivery to the participant is clear and straight. Actually the game was designed and based on the popular reality TV show in India called ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC). Those who correctly answered the TB-related questions through computer game were given appreciation prize from MAMTA. At the end of the game show only 4 out of the 34 competent declared to be successful in the TB game. Those who could not make to it also got the consolation prizes.
An estimated 1.5 lakh population visited our stall in just two days. With support from our PNGOs we sensitized people through the popular Lala, Lali & Jockers show; our TB stall was mostly sought after by the visitors as compared to all other stalls as DM too appreciated the way we tried to spread awareness among people through our creative show and game.
District administartion was speciafically appriciative of our idea of Mid-Media activity on Samastipur establishment day. Through this event we made the day special and a little contribution of our efforts in TB awareness program in Samastipur was widely acknowledged.