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Niraj Sinha3/16/2012Defaulter Retrieval action by RHCP at Samastipur

Dr. Ganesh is also doing the defaulter retrieval action. He has visited more the five defaulter patient house and successfully retrieved them on DOTs. Once MAMTA- State Point Person, District Coordinator, STS was wishes to visit the house of defaulter patient that time Dr. Ganesh has visited at Ram Prasad houses at Chhautna Ward No.-7. This patient has successfully taken the IP for two month after that he is filling well. He does not persist cough, his health has improved. He doesn’t want to continue the medicine of Continuation Phase of four month. The team has tried to motivate the patient but he is not ready to continue the medicine. That time Dr. Ganesh has call another patient and given him the example of that patent. Team is very impressed to see the motivating techniques of Dr. Ganesh. Even after seeing the treatment card the team has come to now the Dr. Ganesh is properly filling the defaulter retrieval entry on the treatment card of the patient