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Vianca5/9/2012TB a notifiable disease in India
Dr Sugata Mukhopadhyay5/11/2012Re:TB a notifiable disease in India

The role of Civil Society will be immense to help RNTCP to achieve its notification objectives. Other than advocacy, Civil Societies can function as an effective interphase between the National Program and private sector to enable and roll out the notification process.
Currently, the National Program is still finding ways to sustain the communication with private sectors as mere one/two time sensitization of the private providers has been found to be grossly insufficient to engage them with RNTCP. The private practitioners should be kept under constant communication and followed up, where the Civil Societies can play a meaningful role, definitely with some kind of external funding assistance or incentives.
Prioritization of the private practitioners according to the volume of TB cases been provided services by them should be an important strategy that RNTCP may consider in coming future to initiate the process of notification.
Let me wholeheartedly congratulate Central TB Division and Govt. of India for taking such strategic and timely decision, especially at a time when the national program has taken the decision to achieve the targets of Universal Access of TB care in the country.