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ADAIKALAM TRUST is a nongovernmental organization working for the protection of the destitute and marginalized society. It was started in the year 2008 registered under the Indian Trust Act. Adaikalam carry out various activities for the benefit of the needy and deserving community as one of its main activity it have been conducting much training for the illetrate women, youth from urban and semi urban areas specially in slums to develop them economically and bring their development through their self economic business.
World TB day Awareness programme:

On 23.10.2011 world TB awareness campaign was conducted in which street play on the TB and its symptoms, treatment and its effects were performed . About 100 people got benefit from this awareness programme. The preventive measure and importance of treatment was clearly explained. The accessibility for treatment guidance and awareness was also given. Detection of the TB in the early stages will be helpful to get proper treatment was educated to the people. The usefulness and importance of taking the DOTS treatment regularly was also explained to the community people. The DOTS available treatment centre were listed out to the community people.

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