What is about vanilla visa gift card?

The vanilla  visa gift card is a kind of prepaid visa gift card that usually comes in the denominations of $100, $50 and $25 and this card also acts same as like the debit card where it is accepted anywhere at any time. You can buy this vanilla visa gift card at most of the convenient online and offline department stores in the United States. To activate this via gift card first you must pay or make some fund transfer to your card as an initial amount as an activation fee from anywhere, this activation fee varies depending upon the total balance that you are putting on the card. So, if you are activating your visa gift card with the amount $25 then you would have to pay the $4.95 for the total of $29.95.

When activating this card they will be also charging the service fees associated with this visa gift card and after seventh month post activation you will be charged the amount of $2.50 each month until it reaches the balance of the card to zero. So if you are not using the visa gift card or forget to use the card somewhere instead of discovering the gem with the balance of $100 on your vanilla visa gift card it may be left with nothing. When you are owning the visa gift card then you need to be aware of the card balance only then you can make the unlimited purchase whenever you are in need.

How to check the balance of your vanilla visa gift card?

It is found to be a most important thing for the person who own the vanilla visa where you must do check your vanilla prepaid card balance often you make the purchase of the gift item where this is relatively a simple process in which just you can visit to their homepage or contact the customer service at the toll free number given in the website. When you contact them directly through toll free number then you would be able to get the most accurate and the up to date current statement about the vanilla prepaid card balance.

What is about vanilla visa gift card?

  • Main advantage of having the vanilla visa gift card is that it can be used at anywhere as like the debit card, this card is virtually used and available everywhere in the United States so this gift card has a very high value comparing to other gift cards.
  • The company provides the better customer service line at anytime and as long as you can have the proper and correct proof of the gift purchase and the serial number given while providing the card.

The vanilla visa gift card does not comes with the same flexibility as you seen with its competitors offered by other banks as like MasterCard and American Express in which the best perks of the visa gift card would be of the replacement feature and this will not require any sort of the activation.